Fiction Editing

You've written a book? Congrats!

What kind of Fiction Editing is for me?

If you want selfpublish or start the querying process at literary agencies, the next step is fiction editing. If selfpublishing is your way to go,  developmental and line editing is a must. However, if you want to query, different kinds of editing like a developmental edit, a mini line edit or a manuscript critique can help increase your chances.

You have already taken the hardest step: Write your story.

How many people can you think of who mentioned something like:

“I have this one story in my mind, that I eventually want to write down.”


“I’d love to write a book, too, but I’m lacking the time for it.”

YOU have taken the time for your story.

Nobody has time to write a novel, if they do not make the time for it.

YOU did this.

Don’t forget to celebrate your success and pat your shoulder, since there is still a long journey before you.

You have written that novel.

Now what?

Time for fiction editing!

What kind of fiction editing service does my book need?

I work as a developmental editor and as a line editor. In a moment, I’ll go through the whole fiction editing process with you and explain to you, how different edits are needed at different steps. But first, we’ll need to check, if we’re a match!

I specialize on the following genres:


Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy, YA, New Adult, …

Sci-Fi & Specualtive

Dystopia, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic, Feminist Sci-Fi, Social Sci-Fi, …


Social, Zeitgeist, feminist, identity, … just ask me, if your novel is something for me!

Different kinds of fiction editing

There are different kinds of editing to chose from, depending on your process.

Don’t worry, before you book my fiction editing service, we’ll talk about what your novel needs and your expectations.

Story Edit

You might have heard of Story Editing as Developmental Editing, Structural Editing or Content Editing.

Story Editing is about your story. I’ll work on the strengths and weaknesses of your plot, the characters and your voice. For this we’ll talk about your theme.

To summarise: Story Editing is about making it impossible for the reader to put your book down.

You choose:

Manuscript Evaluation

You might have heard of the manuscript evaluation as manuscript critique.

The manuscript evaluation is a document that summarises the strengths and weaknesses of your story. You will also get a general evaluation of the diversity factor of your book.

Full Novel Edit

A detailed summary with solutions and dramaturgical advice for your plot and your structure, voice, world building, perspective, dialogue content, character development, logic and style of narration. Sensitivity reading included.

Line Edit

You might have heard of Line Editing as Stylistic Editing or Substantial Editing.

When you are truly content with your structure and have finished your story edits it is time for line editing. This is important since I will work on your book line by line and sharpen your style. It would be a waste, if you need to cut out some chapters and rewrite them, then need to book another line edit.

You choose:

Mimic Line Edit

I’ll work on a section of your novel that you choose and I agree on. The revisions can be adapted by you for the rest of the book. 

Full Novel Line Edit

You’ll get suggestions in your manuscript on how to improve your line craft and a review with its strengths and weaknesses. Line by line I’ll focus on your perspective, the authenticity of your characters, your use of stereotypes, clichés and metaphors, technique and authenticity of dialogue and thoughts, atmosphere, tense, pace, when not to show and when to tell.

Since line editing is much more detailed, it is more expensive. However, if you selfpublish, it is a necessary investment.

Nowadays, selfpublishing is a great alternative to publishing traditionally, especially since those gates are hard to open. Also, if you do publish a finely edited book and do your marketing well, selfpublishing can be even more lucrative.

I also offer an affordable sample line edit of 2.000 words. This way we can test, if we are a good match and I can advise you on what your novel needs.

If you need further writing consultation, you can also book my service per hour. 

Booking my Fiction Editing Service

Tell me a few sentences about your book, your genre, word count and whick kind of editing service you think you need (Manuscript Evaluation, Full Novel Edit, Mimic Line Edit, Full Novel Line Edit, Sensitivity Reading, Synopsis Evaluation). If you are uncertain, you can consult me either in written form or we can meet up in a Zoom-Call. Afterwards, I will prepare you a non-binding offer.

Alternatively you can send me an email to

Copywriting and Proofreading are the last steps of fiction editing!

My line editing service does not include copywriting. Copywriting and proofreading are the last steps of editing when your line craft is sharpened. If I notice some repetitive grammar or form issues though, I will note them in my line edits. 

After fiction editing: Querying

For your querying at literary agencies you will need a query package as sharp as a shard’s edge. I offer a synopsis evaluation, that can do just that. You might also want me to line edit the first three chapters to send them to agencies. We can work out all kinds of writing craft services you might need from me.

Are you ready to level up your manuscript to a professional level?

Let’s get in touch!