Break the stereotype.
Write real characters.

Do you remember the last time you watched a movie or read a book, and guessed the ending after two minutes?

We all know these stories.

It's almost hard to find a quick example, because there are so many. Also, because such stories don't linger in your mind.

You might wonder:

But there are great stories with stereotypical characters!

The art is to successfully break them.

Showing, that there is a three-dimensional person behind the veil of a stereotype.

I am Xenia - Writer, Fiction Editor and Social Media Expert. I love telling and consuming stories in all forms - books, photography, movies or shows. My "only" condition: Non-stereotypical characters.
Here you will find my advice and ideas coming from my own struggles of how to write non-stereotypical, just as well as recommendations of books and movies that tell diverse stories, from which we can learn.
If you look closely, you might even spot one to eight paws of my cats Lizzy and Gatsby.

As a writer, an open mind is one of the biggest assets.
There is no end to training in equality.

What are the privileges of my character and how do I make their worries valid?

Can a villain be politically incorrect?

What is the difference between archetype and stereotype?

If you want to explore these questions with me, you have come to the right place!

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